Sophos certified with Premium Anti-Spam Checkmark

Sophos Press Release

West Coast Labs awards Sophos's ES4000 email security appliance prestigious certification

Sophos has received the West Coast Labs Premium Anti-Spam Checkmark

Sophos, a world leader in IT security, today announced that leading independent testing body West Coast Labs has awarded the ES4000 email security appliance with one of the highest accolades available for anti-spam detection. The Anti-Spam Premium Checkmark Certification is only accredited to products that demonstrate a high spam catch rate - 97% or above.

West Coast Labs tested ES4000 in two modes - "out-of-the-box" configuration and then under test conditions. The tests focused on the product's functionality, network integration, required level of user interaction, spam detection and rate of detection. The test commended ES4000 for the 'attention to detail' given to the reporting function and the easy-to-navigate interface.

"The ES4000 performs very well and offers comprehensive protection. The high hardware specification of the appliance, coupled with the well-integrated operating system, ensures that ES4000 continues to provide anti-spam protection under the heaviest of loads," concluded West Coast Labs.

The ES4000 has also achieved West Coast Labs' Anti-Virus Level One Checkmark Certification, further strengthening its position in the email appliance market, offering the highest level of anti-virus and anti-spam protection.

"We have developed this resilient and easy-to-use email filtering product to the highest standard for businesses who want a simple way of blocking the glut of unwanted and malicious email," said Peter Lukomskyj, Product Manager for ES4000. "This certification reinforces Sophos's reputation for delivering high quality products and gives customers greater confidence in choosing a first-class email security appliance."

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