Sophos typographic identity is visible across many applications, including print, electronic, and environmental displays. The following type selections have been made to best represent the voice of Sophos and to maintain a consistent tone throughout various communications.

Sophos Sans

This font was selected for it’s clean and tall x-height and short ascenders and descenders for optimal readability. It's used for all marketing purposes, including headlines, body copy, and as a display font.

H1 Heading

Sophos Sans Semibold Italic
54px / Line height 56px

Public Cloud Visibility and Threat Response

H2 Heading

Sophos Sans Semibold
50px / Line height 54px

Security Designed for a Cloud Generation.

H3 Heading

Sophos Sans Regular
24px / Line height 30px

Once you see it, you can secure it. Once you have Cloud Optix running, deploy a range Sophos security solutions to protect your cloud assets.

H4 Heading

Sophos Sans Semibold
24px / Line height 30px

Speed up the process.

Page Header Paragraph

Sophos Sans Regular
30px / Line height 36px

Detect, respond, and prevent the cloud security and compliance gaps leaving you exposed

Body Paragraph

Sophos Sans Light
18px / Line height 24px
Paragraph spacing 12px

Secure your Amazon EC2 instances and Virtual Private Cloud with Sophos UTM and Intercept X for Server.

Sophos UTM for AWS is your complete security platform for next-generation firewall, web-application firewall, IPS, advanced threat protection, cloud sandboxing, web-content filtering, reporting, and VPN gateway.

Testimonial Body

Sophos Sans Semibold
32px / Line height 36px

“Sophos Cloud Optix AI-powered, cloud security and compliance platform provides real-time cloud-workload protection status at your fingertips. This is critical for migrating several petabytes of our data and many services to AWS and Azure cloud platform.”

Testimonial Source

Sophos Sans Medium
14px / Line height 18px

Aaron Peck, Vice President and CISO, Shutterfly Inc.


Sophos Sans Regular
12px / Line height 18px

Gartner, Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services, Toby Bussa, Kelly Kavanagh, Sid Deshpande, Craig Lawson, Pete Shoard, 15 July 2019.