SafeGuard Enterprise Advanced Recovery Workshop


1 Day




SafeGuard Enterprise


This hands-on course equips students with knowledge of the recovery options of SafeGuard Enterprise.

This SafeGuard Enterpirse Advanced Recovery Workshop is designed to provide an understanding of recovery options available with the Sophos Safeguard Enterprise suite.

Prerequisites: It is highly recommended that you complete the SafeGuard Enterprise Administrative workshop before attending this training!

This is aimed at anyone who has had exposure to Data Protection suite and wishes to increase their technical understanding of what are the main resolution steps for common issues and learn the best-practices. It explores best practice for network deployment, focusing on recovery and troubleshooting possibilities.

Note: This course is focused on running Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise on a Windows network.

Course content:

  • Troubleshooting
  • SGN Recovery Options

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to: 

  • Successfully recover encrypted data
  • Solve common issues, e.g.  hardware compatibility, inaccessible disk, lost passwords
  • Successfully recover SGN Backend (e.g. broken SGN-Server, SGN Management Center, SafeGuard Database)




日付 場所
2015 12 10 Germany-Wiesbaden 今すぐ予約
2015 10 01 Germany-Wiesbaden 今すぐ予約
2015 7 02 Germany-Wiesbaden 今すぐ予約

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