SafeGuard LAN Crypt Client: Creating a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe project yields an error message

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  • Aggiornato: 28 ott 2010

When SafeGuard LAN Crypt and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005 (8.0.50727.42) are installed on the same PC, the following error message appears when you try to create a project on a SafeGuard LAN Crypt encrypted drive:

SourceSafe was unable to finish writing a file. Check your available disk space, and ask the Administrator to analyze your SourceSafe database.

SafeGuard LAN Crypt Client version

Client OS

Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition

What to do

To solve this problem, please install "Patch 4 (" for SafeGuard LAN Crypt 3.51.x.

Per maggiori informazioni o per assistenza, vi preghiamo di contattare il supporto tecnico.

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