Keyboard not working in the POA on Lenovo Thinkpad Helix

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The "internal" keyboard (in the docking station for this tablet PC) is not working in the POA on a Lenovo Helix.

The device has been added to the blacklist for volume-based encryption.  

First seen in

SafeGuard  Device Encryption 6.10.0
SafeGuard  Device Encryption 6.00.1
SafeGuard Device Encryption 6.0

Operating systems
Windows 7


The root cause is, that the keyboard does not work in FreeBSD (even not in the latest version), so it`s actually not an issue of SafeGuard Enterprise but has an impact on the POA which is based on FreeBSD.

What To Do

  • use BitLocker (managed by SGN) on this hardware 



Per maggiori informazioni o per assistenza, vi preghiamo di contattare il supporto tecnico.

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