Difference between "User Is Owner" and "Ownership" flag in the SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center

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This article describes the difference between the "User Is Owner" and the "Ownership" flag in the SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center.

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

SafeGuard Management Center

Operating systems
All supported versions.

What To Do


The first user who successfully logs on to the machine becomes the owner. The owner is the one who can (by default) enable other users to become SafeGuard Enterprise users on that particular machine. They do this by disabling the passthrough to the Operating System. A machine can only have one owner.

Whether a user can become owner of a machine or not can be defined using the "Ownership" flag.

User Is Owner

The "User Is Owner" flag shows if the user is the owner at the moment. For example, as in the picture above, you can have two users who both have the Ownership flag, but only one can have the User Is Owner flag. If the User is Owner flag is deselected, the other user automatically becomes owner of the machine when he logs in again.

Only the user that has the User is Owner flag can help new users through the POA (Power On Authentication).

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