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Read only exemptions on MTP/PTP devices still block use of the device.
18 août 2014

Managing your software subscriptions in Enterprise Console
11 juin 2014

Moving a computer between groups in Enterprise Console from the endpoint
11 mars 2014

How to create a scheduled scan
10 mars 2014

How to tell which policy is applied to a computer in the Enterprise Console
28 févr. 2014

How to change your license details
07 févr. 2014

Mac endpoint reports to the console as 'Unknown' and with only one IDE file
13 janv. 2014

How to edit the file extensions list
09 janv. 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus for Unix: email notifications and communications with Enterprise console fail
09 janv. 2014

This feature is not included with your license: Enterprise Console
19 nov. 2013

How to configure managed computers to update from Sophos when necessary
08 nov. 2013

Best practice: designing groups in Enterprise Console
09 oct. 2013

How to create a standalone or custom installer package
09 oct. 2013

Failed to load MachineCertificate: SGERROR: UNABLE TO LOAD MESSAGE TEXT(4294967294)
07 oct. 2013

The policy could not be found when opening a Full disk encryption policy
23 avr. 2013

After upgrading to Enterprise Console 5.0 your "Application Control" policy is empty
14 janv. 2013

Opening a Full disk encryption policy shows: 'Encryption is not available in Sophos Enterprise Console.'
11 juin 2012

Comment : synchroniser avec Active Directory (AD)
04 avr. 2012

Après synchronisation avec Active Directory, Enterprise Console 4.5 dresse la liste des noms d'ordinateurs en double
20 févr. 2012

Liste de contrôle des applications obsolète
10 févr. 2012

Enterprise Console: enabling blocking of programs showing suspicious behavior
27 janv. 2012

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows: how to check where computers obtain updates
16 mars 2011

L'importation d'un fichier de configuration lors d'une mise à niveau du pare-feu Sophos génère une erreur
08 oct. 2009