Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux/Unix: Example start and stop service commands

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The commands in this article are examples on how to restart the Sophos Anti-Virus services on various Operating Systems

First seen in
SAV for Linux/UNIX v7
SAV for Linux/UNIX v9

Operating systems
Linux / Unix

What To Do

NOTE:  You must replace 'service' with the required service name:  sav-protect, sav-web, or sav-rms.

Linux & Solaris 9
/etc/init.d/service stop
/etc/init.d/service start

Solaris 10+ (-t is a temporary disable which won't take effect after reboot)
svcadm disable [-t] service
svcadm enable [-t] service

/sbin/init.d/service stop
/sbin/init.d/service start


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