SafeGuard Device Encryption: boot hanging with "no init" on machines based on Intel Haswell microarchitecture (e.g. Dell Latitude E7440, E7240, E5540, E5440)

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SafeGuard Device Encryption: after installation of the SafeGuard Device Encryption Client, to initial reboot stops with an error message, showing " no init " on computers, based on Intel Haswell microarchitecture (e.g. Dell Latitude E7440, E7240, E5540, E5440, Lenovo T440, X240,..)

First seen in

SafeGuard  Device Encryption 6.10.0
SafeGuard Device Encryption 6.0

What To Do

When booting the machine, use the hotkey combination Shift+F6, to load the SafeGuard POA in "Int13" mode instead of "ATA" mode.

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