Registry Value LastLoggedOnUser is no longer correctly evaluated after installation of SafeGuard 5.x

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After SafeGuard has been installed and the SafeGuard Credential Provider is being used to logon to the system, the registry value for LastLoggedOnUser is not populated correctly anymore. Resulting in a state that LastLoggedOnSAMUser and LastLoggedOnUser are no longer filled with the same value.

First seen in

SafeGuard Device Encryption 5.50

Operating systems
Windows 7


Could cause logon problems in environments where customers that are using 3rd party software (i.e. Computrace or Frontrage Discovery), which pulls the "username" value from the "LastLoggedOnUser" registry key - which is no longer populated correctly after SafeGuard Client is installed and SafeGuard Credential Provider is being used.

What To Do

This issue has been fixed with the release of SafeGuard 6. If updating to SafeGuard 6 is not possible, a hotfix for SafeGuard 5.60.0 is available upon request from Sophos support.

Si vous avez besoin de plus d'informations ou d'instructions, veuillez contacter le support technique.

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