SafeGuard Enterprise Client: Support of WinPE 3.0

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Does SafeGuard Enterprise support WinPE 3.0 (comes with Windows 7)?

Known to apply to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)
SafeGuard Enterprise as of version 5.50

Operating System
Windows 7

What To Do

A recovery CD, based on WinPE 3.0 is available (for versions as of SafeGuard Enterprise 5.50) and can be downloaded using the link below. Furthermore, it is possible to use a recovery disk based on WinPE 2.0 for the recovery of encrypted Windows 7 clients.

Iso files of the latest recovery disks can be found in the knowledge base article, How to use the RecoverKeys.exe tool to recover data from a SafeGuard Enterprise encrypted Client

Si vous avez besoin de plus d'informations ou d'instructions, veuillez contacter le support technique.

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