The server threw an exception 0x80010105 when trying to discover new computers

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When selecting 'Find computers' or 'Discover computers' - the naming convention depends on the version of the console, and then choosing one of the find options, the following error is displayed:

The server threw an exception.
----- [outer exception] -----
-- error: 0x80010105
-- facility: Remote Procedure Call (COM)

at void __cdecl CComputerDiscoveryDlg::DisplayNoDomainsError(long,struct HWND__ *)
at 2
at bool __cdecl GetActiveDirectoryDomains(struct IEEComputerSearch *,wchar_t *,wchar_t *,unsigned long &,wchar_t **&)
at __w64 long __thiscall ComputerDiscoveryAgentBase::DiscoverSomeComputers(void)
at __w64 long __thiscall CMainFrame::OnActionDiscoverSomeComputers(unsigned short,unsigned short,struct HWND__ *,int &)
at int __cdecl Run(int,enum bl::ConsoleType::Type)
at int __stdcall wWinMain(struct HINSTANCE__ *,struct HINSTANCE__ *,wchar_t *,int)

First seen in

Enterprise Console 4.7.1

What To Do

  1. Close the console.
  2. Open the Windows services ('Start' | 'Run' | type: services.msc press 'Enter').
  3. Restart the 'Sophos Management Service'.
  4. Re-open the console.
  5. Select 'Find computers' or 'Discover computers' in the console to check the issue is resolved.

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