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Removing PUAs and spyware
15 abr 2014

Collecting samples blocked by on-access scanning
10 abr 2014

Sophos Virus Removal Tool
11 mar 2014

Eliminating a Zombie after receipt of a Zombie or Spam alert email
06 mar 2014

Purging System Restore in Windows XP
13 ene 2014

Removing viruses on the local computer
13 ene 2014

Information on the Flame Worm
20 dic 2013

Submitting samples of suspicious files to Sophos
05 dic 2013

Information on malware known as Ransomware
27 nov 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+: removing W32/Confick and Mal/Conficker with Sophos Anti-Virus
25 nov 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus: Tracking and finding Conficker infections
11 oct 2013

Windows Action Centre shows a detection for Win32/Small.CA
10 oct 2013

Unable to remove Malware from the Recycle Bin
10 oct 2013

The file tmp.edb may generate a detection on Windows Sophos Endpoints
09 oct 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows: Cleaning up file infectors - Sality/Scribble/Virut/Vetor
29 jul 2013

How to purge the Shadow Volume Copy after a malware infection
27 feb 2013

Kit de herramientas de eliminación de malware de Sophos (SMaRT)
20 feb 2013

Removing Jokes
15 feb 2013

Removing Rogue (fake) AVs using Endpoint Security and Control, and SAV32CLI
09 ene 2013

Cómo eliminar programas maliciosos de los archivos temporales de Internet (u otra caché del navegador)
26 mar 2012

Pasos adicionales para eliminar archivos problemáticos
02 feb 2012

Desinfección y archivos en Restaurar sistema
02 feb 2012

Enterprise Console/Manager: removing viruses over a network
27 ene 2012

How to configure on-the-fly disinfection of some viruses
27 ene 2012

Desinfección de virus del registro de arranque
19 dic 2011

How to disinfect Macro viruses
19 dic 2011

Removing dropped files
19 dic 2011

Removing diallers
19 dic 2011

Exit SMaRT Interactive Guide
16 dic 2011

Current major threats: Conficker, Virtumundo
20 ago 2011

Backing up data on an infected Windows computer
08 jun 2011

Overview: What is a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA)?
07 jun 2011

Instructions for removing W32/ElKern-C and W32/Klez-H
08 abr 2011

Overview of worm W32/Autorun-BHO also called W32/Visal-b (MS)
03 mar 2011

Sophos Anti-Virus: detects Troj/Iframe-AG and/or Mal/Badsrc-C when accessing a database or website
28 feb 2011

Copying a Windows registry entry from an uninfected computer
02 feb 2011

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+: removing Troj/Virtum-Gen (Virtumundo)
14 ene 2011

Aurora Malware Removal Tool: How to install and run the tool
28 sep 2010

Fake anti-virus: understanding it and preventing it
28 sep 2010

Sophos Anti-Virus: eliminación de la familia de troyanos TDSS
15 sep 2009

18 jun 2009

Se necesitan derechos de administrador para limpiar una amenaza multicomponente
04 feb 2009