Endpoint Security and Control installation program fails with messages regarding .net framework, msxml6, msi installer version number or Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable

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  • Actualizado: 11 may 2011

While running the Endpoint Security and Control installation program on your server, the installation fails with a message similar to the following:

  • The following folder does not exist
  • There is no 32-bit/64-bit Microsoft .NET setup executable in ...
  • Could not verify version number of : [msi or exe name]
  • Incorrect version of : [msi or exe name]
  • There should only be one dotNET executable installer in this folder
Known to apply to the following Sophos products and versions

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 9.7
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 9.5
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

What to do

All of the pre-requisites for Endpoint Security and Control's management server are contained in the installation package you downloaded from Sophos. They are located in the following folder:


If there is more than one pre-requisite missing, once you install the first one, the installation program will be able to locate and install the rest of them.

Please note: a reboot will be required after many of these installations. You will have the opportunity to close any programs before restarting.

Si necesita más ayuda, póngase en contacto con soporte técnico.

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