Updating the kernel to the 6.5 release in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Centos causes mount points to fail with Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux installed

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After updating the kernel in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Centos to version 2.6.32-431, one or more mount points fail to mount as expected. On-access scanning will be unavailable for these mount points.

Attempting to mount in a terminal fails with a message similar to the following:

...failed, reason given by server: No such file or directory

The messages log contains one or more of these entries:

kernel: talpa-vfshook: Failed to synchronise post-mount! (-2)

This kernel version was made available as part of the RHEL / Centos 6.5 release.
Note: FAnotify, an alternative to talpa, is not available for Red Hat and Centos kernels.

We expect to release support for this kernel in the February 2014 SAV for Linux release in the 'Preview' subscription. Details on 'Recommended' subscription dates can be found in the calendar here: 120189

First seen in

Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux 9.3.1

Operating systems
Red Hat Enterprise Linux


A series of changes have been back-ported from version 3.7.x of the Linux kernel to version 2.6.32-431 of the Red Hat / Centos kernel, these changes are incompatible with talpa.

What To Do

Revert to the previously used kernel version

  • You must revert back to kernel version 2.6.32-358 (from RHEL 6.4 / Centos 6.4) to allow mount points to work as expected with talpa (on-access scanning).

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