80040408 Unable to write to distribution location [path] for software subscription [subscription-name].

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In the update manager details you see the following error:

80040408 Unable to write to distribution location [path] for software subscription [subscription-name].

First seen in

Enterprise Console 4.0.0


This error could occur for a number of reasons.

What To Do

  1. Check whether the path to the share, and the credentials used to connect to it, are entered correctly in the Distribution Point details in the Update Manager.
    1. Double-click the Update Manager in Enterprise Console.
    2. On the Distributions tab, select the affected share (as listed in the error details).
    3. If the path to the share is incorrect, add a new share with the correct path and then add that to the 'Update to' list.
    4. Click the Configure button and check that the credentials are correct. If necessary, check that the same credentials are configured on the share.
    • If the share was previously used and known to be working, check whether any changes have been made on the share.
    • If no changes have been made to the share, check for network connectivity problems.
  2. Check whether a new folder can be created on the share.
  3. Check to see whether there are underlying hardware issues, such as the hard disk is full or is not operating correctly.

Next steps

If you have tried all the steps above but updates are still failing check the Sophos Update Manager Logviewer.exe tool for a more detailed error. Search the knowledgebase for errors you see in the Logviewer.

If you are unable to find information in the knowledgebase regarding the errors shown:

  1. Run the Sophos Diagnostic Utility (SDU) on the computer that is the update manager (which may not necessarily be the management server).
  2. Complete our Support Query form and attach the output file from the SDU tool.

Si necesita más ayuda, póngase en contacto con soporte técnico.

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