SafeGuard Management Center: Event ID 2648 is not logged when a policy value was changed

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  • Actualizado: 15 oct 2013


SafeGuard Enterprise Event ID "2648 SGMAS Administration - Policy changed." is not logged if a SafeGuard Enterprise Policy value was changed in the Management Center, although the reporting policy has been correctly applied to the SafeGuard Management Center machine.

First seen in

SafeGuard Management Center 5.60.1


Due to an issue with the reporting trigger, a policy change event is only triggered if the policy was renamed. The Event was not triggered if the policy content was changed.

What To Do

This is a known issue in SafeGuard Enterprise versions < 6.00.0 and has been resolved with the release of SafeGuard Enterprise

After upgrading to SafeGuard Enterprise, the event will also be triggered if a policy value changed.

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