Application Control

Take control of what your users install

We help you control the applications that could cause security or legal problems, like P2P or instant messaging. And you'll get a handle on the unwanted applications that clog your network. With Sophos, you can use next-generation firewall features to monitor and control what your employees are installing without interfering with their work.

How does it work?

  • We’ve built application control into our antivirus engine, so you don’t have to deploy or manage a separate product.
  • We provide you with detection for a wide range of applications that our experts keep up to date with new versions and new applications.
  • You simply set policies for the whole company or specific groups to block or allow particular applications.
  • Use application control to switch off VoIP but allow remote users to use it. Or standardize on a single Internet browser.
  • See the applications you can control.

You can gain insight into applications on your network using a next-generation firewall. Learn more in our article Gaining Insight From Next-Generation Firewalls.  

Our next-generation firewall tools are available in Sophos Endpoint Protection. To find the best fit for your security needs, check out our Endpoint Protection licensing options.

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"Sophos has saved us time, resources, and money"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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