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Use the customer checklist

This is a checklist of basic information. Provide this information either during your call or in your email, and it will help us to deal with your query more quickly and efficiently.

Free Tools

Our Free Tools and Home Edition products are provided without phone or email support. However we understand you will have questions and therefore each dedicated Free Tools page has information and help on the particular tool.

If you still have a problem there is a large community on our forums waiting to help:

Contact us

Reach out through phone or email to the center nearest to you. For quickest service, please read our checklist of basic information.

UTM Support (formerly Astaro support)

Our UTM Support specialists are available via the website (MyUTM), by phone or by email.

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Send a sample

If you have any suspicious files that our software has not detected, then send them to us for analysis.

Application Control Request

If there's a legitimate application that you would like to control on your network that we don't currently list, then tell us.

Report a vulnerability

If you need to report a suspected vulnerability, please read this article, which explains how to contact us, how Sophos will respond, and how to abide by the principles of responsible disclosure.