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Upgrading Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC)

The upgrade path you need to follow will depend on which version of the console is currently installed. For further details refer to KB 119105 or read section 2 of the 'Upgrade Guide'. To obtain the latest version of the software, click the 'Upgrade now' button. 

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Upgrading Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows

To upgrade Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows on your endpoint computers you can either upgrade all your computers straight away or you can upgrade gradually. Our upgrade guide describes both approaches.

Option 1
: To upgrade all your endpoint computers through the console, change the version that you subscribe to in Sophos Enterprise Console. Your endpoint computers will be upgraded automatically.

Tip: Find your Software subscriptions in the Update Managers view in Enterprise Console. Change the version number selected for Windows and choose Recommended so that you always have the latest virus protection.

Option 2: To manually manage your subscriptions you can download and install the latest version of the client software at any time.

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For a detailed guide on how to manage your subscriptions, including selecting the Recommended option, read our Knowledgebase article.

Upgrading Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux and UNIX Client to version 9

To upgrade simply select the 9 Recommended subscription in your Sophos Enterprise Console.

Version 7 (the previous version) is now retired. For more information, see knowledgebase article 119018.

Upgrading from Sophos Endpoint Protection to Sophos EndUser Protection

Sophos EndUser Protection lets you secure all your devices – laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones – with one easy-to-manage license. To upgrade from an Endpoint Protection license please contact your partner or Sophos account manager who will be able to help.

Sophos support for Microsoft Windows 8

Sophos Endpoint protection has been compatible with Windows 8 from launch.

Visit our Windows 8 page for a review of the security features in Windows 8 and our Top 8 Tips to stay secure on this OS.

Visit our Knowledgebase for information on running Sophos Endpoint on Windows 8.