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Ensuring and maintaining the security skills of your staff

Knowing that your staff is trained and knowledgeable about your Sophos solution gives you the confidence that they can respond to ever present security threats. Your independence means faster responses to user questions, threat identification, and management. The departure of a key employee or the hiring of additional staff often creates a weakness in your security solution; Sophos training is the answer.

About Training Offerings

Sophos Training Services ensures that your staff is prepared to install, administer and manage, your Sophos security solution. The experienced training team at Sophos is dedicated to maximizing your independence and self-suffiency in IT security. We provide hands-on technical and administrative product workshop, webinar-based training sessions (custom training sessions are also available upon request). Our training builds your in-house foundation of skills so that employees know how to meet and stop threats. Your understanding and preparedness of the Sophos solution can be a major factor in determining your risk profile. Let Sophos Training services ensure your team is ready and has the confidence to handle any security incident.

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Key Benefits

  • Skilled and knowledgeable training professionals
  • Flexible training options
  • Highly trained and effective security staff

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