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Enterprise Manager: Overview
07 Aug 2014

0000006d 'Restart needed for updates to take effect'
01 Aug 2014

Troubleshooting disconnected clients seen within the SEC Console
25 Jul 2014

Differs from policy - Sophos AutoUpdate policy
21 Jul 2014

On-access driver error - Could not obtain an impersonation token. e03d000f or e03d02f0
18 Jul 2014

Installation of Sophos AutoUpdate failed. Error 00000008
07 Jul 2014

Sophos Messenger, an overview
01 Jul 2014

80040404 'Threat detection data update failed.' displayed against an update manager
20 Jun 2014

Enterprise Console: error a04b0008
19 Jun 2014

How to reserve a port for Sophos Update Manager on a Windows Server
13 May 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows: Error loading configuration data
13 May 2014

Deployment errors are displayed in the console when protecting endpoint computers
12 May 2014

Error 00000002 - Missing command line switch value
12 May 2014

Differs from policy - Application Control policy
09 May 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows: console unable to contact managed workstations
09 May 2014

Enterprise Console: a0200006 error displayed during or after on-demand scans
09 May 2014

Using Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 with Sophos programs
09 May 2014

How to analyze verbose logging for troubleshooting 'Differs from policy' errors
08 May 2014

Error 0x0000004a when protecting an endpoint computer
08 May 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus: Error a01e0004 - Rootkit scan has been cancelled due to corrupt disk
08 May 2014

CreateCDLTask has failed when re-installing SEC
06 May 2014

ERROR: Could not find a source for updated packages [0x00000071]
08 Apr 2014

How to tell which Sophos license type you have from the central console
02 Apr 2014

Managed computer's status is missing, incorrect or 'awaiting policy from console'
25 Feb 2014

0x00000070 ERROR_DISK_FULL is reported in the Enterprise Console
24 Feb 2014

Enterprise Console reports error a058000c
20 Feb 2014

How to change your license details
07 Feb 2014

Sophos Update Manager: Unable to subscribe to Linux / UNIX version 9.x
17 Jan 2014

Enterprise Console: 8007046a Could not start installation program
14 Jan 2014

Error a0490001 Failed to connect to the on-access driver (0x80070002)
13 Jan 2014

Failed to send the complete message to mark a key backup session as complete [0x80040324]
08 Jan 2014

Endpoints report up to date status as 'Unknown'
30 Dec 2013

Deployment fails with error code 800705b3
20 Dec 2013

Advisory: New version of Sophos Update Manager releasing November 2013
13 Dec 2013

80040410 Data read from the update source for software subscription ... was invalid
25 Nov 2013

Differs from policy - Device control policy
25 Nov 2013

Encryption event codes and messages that can be returned to Enterprise Console
19 Nov 2013

Enterprise Console displays message 'Awaiting Policy from Console' or 'Awaiting Response from Client'
05 Nov 2013

Troubleshooting errors 0000002b and 0000003b shown when deploying software from the console
04 Nov 2013

Differs from policy - General
30 Oct 2013

Error message: a025000d - loading SAVI returned error 0xa0040200
25 Oct 2013

Enterprise Console: 'Comparison failure' Alert within Policy Compliance.
21 Oct 2013

Differs from policy - Anti-Virus and HIPS policy
11 Oct 2013

Error 0x00000049 when protecting an endpoint computer
24 Sep 2013

Enterprise Manager 4.7: Known Issues
09 Sep 2013

80040406 Delivery failed for software subscription. Access to the source update location is denied or the location is otherwise unavailable.
29 Aug 2013

Error 0000002b The installation credentials you entered are either incorrect or do not give administrator access
01 Aug 2013

Enterprise Console: Error a0250012
17 Jul 2013

Enterprise Console: Error a04b0003
17 Jul 2013

Enterprise Console: error a04b0011
17 Jul 2013

Enterprise Console: Error a0250029
17 Jul 2013

Enterprise Console: error a0490003
24 Jun 2013

Information on how to migrate (move) your existing Sophos Management Server installation to a new server
03 Jun 2013

Error a0010001 Displayed In Console
19 Apr 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus CustomActions log shows 'Error opening Windows key'
05 Apr 2013

Protecting endpoints from your Sophos Console appears to do nothing when using an HTTP based primary update location
25 Mar 2013

00000046 Sophos Client Firewall cannot be installed on this operating system or processor type
21 Jan 2013

How to change language setting for Sophos Enterprise Console, Sophos Control Center and Sophos Anti-virus.
10 Jan 2013

Enterprise Console reports error "Deployment to share failed because the target cidsync.upd file is corrupt"
28 Dec 2012

Deploying endpoint software to Windows 2000 clients returns the error 0000002b to the console
10 Dec 2012

80040409 Check reveals that data written to [path] due to software subscription ... is invalid
20 Nov 2012

What to do when an 'Outbreak' is reported in your Sophos console
02 Oct 2012

Differs from policy - Data Control policy
12 Jun 2012

Enterprise Console: 'Scan my computer' not translated when running an immediate scan
27 Jan 2012

Enterprise Console: error "Incompatible Certificate"
27 Jan 2012

Error message 'Threat 'x' could not be cleaned up because it is no longer in the quarantine list...'
27 Jan 2012

Error 0000002c when deploying Sophos Anti-Virus for Windows 2000+ to remote domains
27 Jan 2012

Cancelling an upgrade from Enterprise Manager to Enterprise Console results in no console being installed on the computer
02 Aug 2011

Enterprise Console: Error e03d0036
26 Jan 2011

Sophos Anti-Virus for UNIX: Enterprise Console shows the endpoint as 'Awaiting Response From Computer'
07 Nov 2008