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On large networks Sophos Patch assessments take an excessive time to be displayed in the Patch Event Viewer
12 May 2014

Enterprise Console: which languages are reports displayed in?
09 May 2014

Device ID field is blank and you cannot exempt an individual device in a central device control policy
08 May 2014

Patch Event Viewer : Patch updates status is 'Not downloaded' or 'Out of date'
13 Feb 2014

When opening the "Patch Assessment Viewer" You see the message: "Could not complete the last task."
03 Feb 2014

How to export a threat history report directly from the Sophos core database
14 Jan 2014

After upgrading to console 5.1 the Patch Assessment Event Viewer appears blank
25 Nov 2013

'Last run' date and time missing when viewing the report manager in Enterprise Console 4
17 Jul 2013

Running the Updating hierarchy report results in 'Transient error while performing requested operation'
10 May 2013

Encryption events are not fully translated into the correct language
20 Jun 2012

Encryption events are displayed in the Encryption event viewer or Computer Detail as question marks ('???')
13 Jun 2012

Data and device control event information is not translated when viewed in the console
04 Jan 2012

'Proceed' event may not always be logged to the console's event viewer
01 Dec 2011

Error 0x80040507 when attempting to open the console event viewer
01 Dec 2011

Web event viewer in the Console does not show alerts for the specified date range selected
01 Dec 2011

Default reports in Enterprise Console version 4
16 Jul 2010

Enterprise Console: clicking on 'View reports' fails and error is displayed
14 Oct 2009