How to upgrade to version 4.x of the Sophos Small Business Solutions

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  • Updated: 06 May 2014
This article describes how you can upgrade your network to the latest version of Sophos Small Business Solutions.

How to upgrade

When you download and install Sophos Control Center, version 4.x, your network will automatically upgrade to Endpoint Security and Control 9.x.

To download the new Sophos Control Center, follow the link to the product that you are upgrading (you will need to enter your MySophos credentials in order to access the installation program):

If you are using version 3.x of PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange, you do not need to upgrade at this time. 

For more information

The upgrade to Sophos Control Center 4.1 is described in the Sophos Control Center 4.1 Upgrade Guide.

Single computers on which you installed Standalone Sophos Anti-Virus (and Sophos Firewall, if applicable) can be upgraded by running the standalone installation program on them. The installation program will retain the computer's existing settings. For more information about the standalone installation program, please see the Endpoint Security and Control Standalone Startup Guide.

For more information about the new Sophos Control Center and the changes to the endpoint computers in Endpoint Security and Control, see the knowledgebase articles:

  • Known Issues - Sophos Control Center version 4
  • Endpoint Security and Control, version 9.x
    Note: Because it shares its name with our security product for larger networks, we want to reassure you that any document or article that you come across that mentions Endpoint Security and Control refers to software that's installed on the endpoint computers for your small business network too. However, a few features in Endpoint Security and Control are available only to users of Enterprise Console, our large network management tool. These include: Data Control, Role-Based Administration and the Update Manager.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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