Installation of a Sophos console displays error: 'The installer has found an existing account for Sophos Update Manager on this computer and cannot continue'

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  • Updated: 23 Jan 2012

When installing Enterprise Console, Enterprise Manager, or Sophos Control Center, version 4.x, on your server, you see the following error message:

The installer has found an existing account for Sophos Update Manager on this computer and cannot continue.

Applies to the following Sophos products and version numbers

Sophos Enterprise Manager 4.7.0
Sophos Control Center 4.1
Sophos Control Center 4.0.0
Enterprise Console 4.5.0
Enterprise Console 4.0.0

What to do

This message is displayed because the server you are installing to already has a SophosUpdateMgr account set up. This could have happened if you started to install your console, and then cancelled the installation before it completed or you have an existing management console on the network that uses this account.

The SophosUpdateMgr account is used by the Sophos Update Manager to write updates to the shared folders. If this account already exists, the installation cannot complete because the credentials will not match what is currently stored in Active Directory.

Enterprise Console:

  • If you have another Enterprise Console somewhere else in the network:
    1. Either determine the password used for the SophosUpdateMgr account on the existing server (if you can) or reset the password on the existing server.
    2. Start the Enterprise Console installer on the new server and select 'Custom' install to set this new password explicitly.
  • If this is the only Enterprise Console in your network, delete the account and then try re-installing Enterprise Console.

Enterprise Manager or Sophos Control Center:

If you are using Enterprise Manager or Sophos Control Center, please contact technical support for more information.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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