Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint: installation of Sophos small business software fails

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  • Updated: 09 May 2014


If you try to install Enterprise Console or Sophos Control Center on a system which has Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint already installed, the installation fails. Errors are displayed which may include:

  • Failed to run script: Setup has encountered an unknown error and cannot recover. Function name: GetSQLerror
  • Setup has failed to delete the Sophos Enterprise Console database.

First seen in

Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint


Enterprise Console or Sophos Control Center must always be installed before Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint.

This is because the console/control center cannot use the SOPHOS database instance that is installed by Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint. However, Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint can use the SOPHOS database instance that is installed by the console/control center.

What To Do

  1. Uninstall Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint.
  2. Use Add/Remove programs to uninstall the associated SOPHOS database instance.
  3. Go to the SQL installation folder, which by default is \MSSQL.x\MSSQL\Data\ and delete the following files:
    • SavSpLog.mdf
    • SavSpLog_log.LDF
    • SavSpQuar.mdf
    • SavSpQuar_log.LDF
    • SavSpRprt.mdf
    • SavSpRprt_log.LDF
  4. Install Enterprise Console or Sophos Control Center.
  5. Install Sophos for Microsoft SharePoint.


If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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