PureMessage for UNIX: Configuring PureMessage for Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server

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  • Updated: 19 Jul 2011

To configure PureMessage to work with Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server, perform the steps described below.

What to do

Important: If you previously configured PureMessage to work with a version of Java Systems Messaging Server (JSMS) that uses the JSMS connector, you must first remove any settings on your mail transfer agent (MTA) server that reference the pmxchannel.conf plugin.

  1. Install PureMessage with the following roles:
    • Centralized Server Manager (CSM)
    • Database Server
    • Mail Filter
    Do not install the Mail Transfer Agent role.

  2. Modify the port setting in the section of /opt/pmx/etc/pmx.conf.
    port = inet:3366@<hostname>
    where <hostname> is the fully qualified hostname of the PureMessage server.
  3. If there are any references to "milter#Policy.smtp_talk_port" in /opt/pmx/etc/pmx.conf, delete them.

  4. As the PureMessage user, run:
    pmx-config active_mta jsms
    pmx-config relay_use_header 0
  5. On the MTA server, add lines similar to the following to option.dat (adjust paths as necessary):
  6. On the MTA server, create the milter.opt file specified in the "spamfilter1_config_file" Line in step 3. Change the ownership of this file so that it is owned by the "mailsrv" user.

  7. Add the following lines to milter.opt:
    Ensure that the hostname specified here matches the setting in /opt/pmx/etc/pmx.conf.

  8. In imta.conf, add "destinationspamfilter1optin spam" to the "ims-ms" and "native" settings in the "part II: channel blocks" section. The edited lines should appear as follows:
    ims-ms defragment subdirs 20 notices 1 7 14 21 28 backoff "pt5m" "pt10m" "pt30m" "pt1h" "pt2h"
    "pt4h" maxjobs 2 pool IMS_POOL fileinto $U+$S@$D destinationspamfilter1optin spam
    native defragment subdirs 20 maxjobs 1 destinationspamfilter1optin spam
  9. Reset the configuration and restart by running this command:
    ./imsimta cnbuild;./imsimta restart

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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