Sophos Control Center: error on opening 0x80007005 (Access denied), CreateSmtEmlibObject(void)

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  • Updated: 31 Oct 2008

When you open Sophos Control Center, version 2, you see the following error:

HRESULT: 0x80007005 (Access denied)
void __thiscall EMLibrary::CreateSmtEmLibObject(void)

Sophos product and version
Sophos Control Center, version 2

Operating system
All supported platforms

Technical Information
This error may occur when the Sophos share has been renamed, or the Everyone Full Control access permissions have been changed.

What to do

  1. Go to the SCC folder (by default this is C:\Program Files\Sophos\SCC). 
  2. Right-click on 'Library' and go to 'Sharing and Security'.
  3. On the Sharing tab, ensure that the following details are set:
    • Share name = Sophos
    • User limit = maximum allowed
    • Permissions = Everyone with Full Control
  4. If your settings are different, change them to those above. If the settings are the same, unshare the folder and then reshare it with the same details as above.
  5. On the Security tab, make sure that Administrators have Full Control, for test purposes you can add Everyone Full Control.
  6. Ensure that EM.XML has been updated in SCC\Remote Management System\, to do this restart the Sophos EMLibUpdate Agent service, after 10-15 seconds this file should updated in this location.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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