PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange: quarantine shows incorrect reason for blocking items

  • Article ID: 26087
  • Updated: 06 Nov 2008

Following an upgrade from PureMessage version 2.6 to version 3.0, items that were scanned and quarantined by PureMessage version 2.6, and remain in quarantine, no longer display the correct reason for why they were blocked.

The two categories 'Threat-Banned Phrase' and 'Threat-Subject line' are incorrectly displayed as 'Suspicious attachment'. Only the categories displayed in quarantine are incorrect, categories displayed in the reports are correct.

Items that are subsequently scanned and quarantined by PureMessage version 3.0, will have the correct categories displayed. The incorrectly categorised items will be purged from quarantine after 30 days, unless you purge them manually before that.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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