PureMessage for UNIX: how to customize graphics in the End User Web Interface

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  • Updated: 22 Jun 2009

In PureMessage for UNIX, you can replace Sophos graphics in the End User Web Interface (EUWI) with custom logos. These will be visible to end users who have been given access to manage their quarantined messages through the EUWI.

What to do

  1. Log on to the EUWI server as the PureMessage user, pmx by default.
  2. Create a custom skin directory for storing custom logos by running the following commands:
    • cd /opt/pmx/lib/manager/HTTPD/www/skins/
    • cp -r default <CustomSkinName>
    The ‘cp –r …’ command creates a new directory based on the ‘default’ directory. This new directory, <CustomSkinName>, stores the custom logos.
  3. Go to the  /opt/pmx/etc/enduser/enduser_ui.conf  file, and add the line
    skin = <CustomSkinName>
    This configures the EUWI to use the new custom skin on the next restart of the HTTPD (RPC/UI) service.
  4. If an enduser_ui.conf.ppmdist file is found under the /opt/pmx/etc/enduser/ directory, then relocate it to the home directory of the PureMessage user by running the following commands:
    • cd /opt/pmx/etc/enduser/
    • mv enduser_ui.conf.ppmdist ~/enduser_ui.conf.ppmdist.backup
    Alternatively, delete the file by replacing the ‘mv…’ command with:
    • rm enduser_ui.conf.ppmdist
  5. Customize logos as required. Hints on doing this are given in the section 'Additional notes about customizing logos' below.
  6. Finalize the customization by running these commands:
    • pmx-profile sync-to-db --resource=enduser_ui_config --force
    • pmx-httpd restart
  7. Verify the customization by launching the EUWI.

To revert EUWI to use the default skin, in the /opt/pmx/etc/enduser/enduser_ui.conf file, set skin = default, and then re-run steps 6 and 7.

Additional notes about customizing logos

  1. Use .gif files only.
  2. Do not modify any files or their permission under the /opt/pmx/lib/manager/HTTPD/www/skins/default/ directory.
  3. Do not modify the filenames in the /opt/pmx/lib/manager/HTTPD/www/skins/<CustomSkinName>/ directory; in other words, change the content but use the same filename.
  4. Keep the permission; compare against files under the /opt/pmx/lib/manager/HTTPD/www/skins/default/ directory.
  5. Customers with web design expertise can further customize the EUWI by modifying the /background_image.css file and /main.css file. Only make such changes if you feel confident that you know how to do this.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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