PureMessage for UNIX: Enabling UTF-8 for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Characters

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  • Updated: 03 Mar 2009

Support for UTF-8 encoding of East Asian languages is disabled by default, although this capability is available in PureMessage. This support affects the Quarantine Search Results page and Quarantine Message Details pages of the PureMessage Manager, and the quarantined messages listed in the End User Web Interface.

What to do

To enable UTF-8 encoding of Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Japanese and Korean characters, edit the /opt/pmx/etc/utf8.conf file and change the following:

  • Change the "replace_header" value from "rfc2047" to "raw".
  • Change the "default" value from "latin1" to either "none" (to skip the default) or to any of the Asian language encoding names.
  • Change the values for each of the language encodings that you want to enable from "no" to "yes".

Also, to use Shift-JIS and EUC-JP character encodings, edit the /opt/pmx/etc/utf8.conf file, and change the encoding options section to iconv_enabled = yes, for example:

    <encoding options>
iconv_enabled = yes

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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