Sophos small business solutions: Error 0000006f is reported in the Control Center

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  • Updated: 06 Jun 2011

The following error is reported in the Sophos Control Center:

ERROR: 0000006f Could not find a source for updated package PureMessageSpamRules

This error is reported by a computer that has Sophos PureMessage Small Business Edition (SBE) installed. The error occurs when the username and password allow for the download of Sophos Anti-Virus updates, but do not authorize the download of spam updates.

What to do

Check the following:

  • Ensure that the credentials you use are exactly the same as those specified on your Sophos small business solutions license agreement.
  • If you are using a proxy server, ensure that you have entered the details correctly.
  • Ensure that you are licensed to use Sophos PureMessage SBE.
  • Ensure that the correct credentials have been passed from the Sophos Control Center to the computer where Sophos PureMessage SBE is installed:

    1. Open the Sophos Control Center.
    2. Select 'Configure Updating' in the left hand pane.
    3. Select the 'User ID' tab.
    4. Note the credentials displayed here.
    5. In the Alternative Source tab, ensure that (i) 'From Sophos' is selected, AND (ii) there are no details entered into the 'Address', 'Username' or 'Password' fields
    6. Now close the 'Configure Updating' tab.
    7. On the computer where Sophos PureMessage SBE is installed, right-click the Sophos shield in the system tray.
    8. Select 'Configure'.
    9. Select the Secondary Parent tab.
    10. Compare the credentials displayed here, with those you noted in step 4 above. They should be identical.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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