0000006e Updating failed because no update source has been specified

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  • Updated: 01 Mar 2013


One or more endpoint computers report to the Enterprise Console / Sophos Control Center with the following error:

0000006e Updating failed because no update source has been specified

First seen in

Sophos Control Center 4.0.0
Enterprise Console 4.5.0


The common cause is when the Sophos Update Manager (SUM) is not configured to download the required software package for the endpoint(s).
This can be seen with the different management methods:

Sophos Control Center:
The default updating configuration has no software selected to download.

Sophos Enterprise Console
The software subscription applied to the affected endpoints has no selected software to download.

When the endpoint receives the updating policy where no software package has been set the configuration will be blank. This will cause prevent Sophos AutoUpdate to update successfully..

Within the Sophos AutoUpdate logs you will see the following message:  

Sophos AutoUpdate could not continue because no valid update locations were defined.

What To Do

Sophos Enterprise Console

  1. Within the Enterprise Console, select 'Update Managers' view from toolbar.
  2. Right click on each 'Software Subscription'  configured from the left hand pane and select 'View/Edit Subscription'
  3. Confirm that the relevant software package(s) are selected for this subscription and then click 'OK'.
  4. Within the 'Update managers' view select the required Update Manager and right click 'View/Edit Configuration'
  5. On the 'Subscriptions' tab confirm the required subscription is selected for 'Subscribed to:' and click 'OK'
  6. On the Distribution tab confirm the required software distribution is applied to relevant share and click 'OK'.
  7. Right click on the Update Manager(s) and select 'Update Now'.
  8. Once the Download Status column and returned a new 'Last Checked' time stamp, switch to the endpoints view from the toolbar at the top of the console.
  9. Highlight the affected endpoints within the console and right-click and select 'Update Computers Now'.

Sophos Control Center:

  1. Within the Control Center, on the right-hand panel, select 'Configure updating'.
  2. On the 'Software' tab ensure that the required packages are selected and click 'OK'.
  3. Within the Central Configuration column the status will change to 'Pending'.
  4. Once the endpoint has received the policy, the Central Configuration column status will change to 'Ok'
  5. From the right-hand panel, select 'Update now'
  6. Confirm the Updates time on the dashboard reflects a new time since selecting 'Update Now'.
  7. Highlight the endpoints within the Control Center and right click and select 'Update Computers Now'.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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