Multiple reports of the same virus occurrence

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  • Updated: 17 Feb 2010

With Sophos Anti-Virus for NetApp Storage Systems version 1.0.1, viruses can be repeatedly detected and picked up where two servers are present. This happens because of the way that Windows Explorer works.

For example, in a network with a Windows 2000 server, a Windows 2003 server, and Windows XP Professional workstations:

  1. An older version of Sophos Anti-Virus (version 4.1x) is installed on the Windows 2003 server.
  2. Sophos Anti-Virus version 5 is installed on the Windows 2000 server.
  3. Sophos Anti-Virus for NetApp Storage Systems is installed onto both Windows servers.
  4. A virus infected file is opened on the NetApp filer by a Windows XP workstation.
  5. Both anti-virus servers will detect this infected file.

This happens because when the infected file is selected, the virus was detected when the file was accessed to get its summary information. Then, when the user double-clicks the file to run it, the virus is detected again. Thus, both anti-virus servers detect this infected file.

Even if one of the anti-virus servers is switched off, the infected file will still be detected repeatedly on the active anti-virus server, for the same reason as above.

If the infected file is opened at a command prompt, only one of the anti-virus servers will detect it.

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