Problems with time discrepancies

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  • Updated: 16 Feb 2010

With Sophos Anti-Virus for NetApp Storage Systems, if the difference between the time on the NetApp filer and that on either the domain controller or the anti-virus server is greater than five minutes, then error messages similar to those below will be reported when an attempt is made to scan a file:

Fri Nov 19 09:17:56 GMT [CIFSVScan:error]: CIFS - Unable to acquire filer credentials: Clock skew too great.
Fri Nov 19 09:17:56 GMT [CIFSVScan:info]: Connection with \\HUB terminated
Fri Nov 19 09:17:56 GMT [CIFSVScan:warning]: Virus Scanner: ConnectToServer \\HUB failed [0xc000005e]
Fri Nov 19 09:17:56 GMT [CIFSVScan:info]: CIFS: Disconnecting from virus scanner
Fri Nov 19 09:17:56 GMT [CIFSVScan:warning]: CIFS: Virus scanning is enabled but no clients are registered as virus scanners.

What to do

Ensure that there is no significant difference in system time between

  • the domain controller
  • the anti-virus server
  • the NetApp filer.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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