Sophos Anti-Virus: Problems with disinfecting macros on documents

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  • Updated: 02 Feb 2011
Problems could be encountered when disinfecting macros on documents with Sophos Anti-Virus if you do not have permission to make modifications to the document or if the macro is corrupt.

What to do

  • You might not have permission to make modifications to the document. Check that you have write access to the document to be disinfected.
  • Some macro documents become corrupted after being infected by a macro virus or disinfected by an anti-virus product other than Sophos. In this case, the virus is usually reported as a fragment and the document cannot be successfully cleaned. If a virus fragment is reported in a file, please send us a sample for analysis. An exact match is needed for disinfection.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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