The emergency command line scanner for Windows 95/98 computers

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  • Updated: 20 Aug 2011

The Sophos Anti-Virus for DOS/Windows 3.1x program, SWEEP.EXE, can be used as an emergency command line scanner for Windows 95 and Windows 98 computers after they have been clean booted. It can also be useful when removing boot sector viruses on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. SWEEP.EXE is installed automatically as part of all versions of Sophos Anti-Virus on Windows 95/98.

  • On a lightly infected computer it is often possible to use the installed copy of SWEEP.EXE from DOS mode.
  • If there is any danger of the copy of SWEEP.EXE having been infected, then run an emergency copy from floppy disks or a CD.

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What to do

Depending on how you go into DOS, you may be able to use the CD drive, or you might have to use floppy disks.

Note: When using SWEEP.EXE from floppy disks or a CD, ensure that you add the correct virus identity (IDE) files.

CD drive

Make a SWEEP.EXE CD on an uninfected computer

    1. download esdz.exe
    2. double-click it to run it
    3. extract the files to the C:\Sophtemp folder
    4. add the appropriate virus identity (IDE) files to the C:\Sophtemp folder
    5. copy the whole C:\Sophtemp folder to a CD
    6. close the session on the CD.

Floppy disks

If the CD drive is not supported, for example if you have clean booted from a MS-DOS floppy disk, use an emergency floppy disk set.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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