Sophos Endpoint Security and Control: 'The on-access driver failed to attach to \' error is displayed in Enterprise Console

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  • Updated: 02 Mar 2011

The error 'The on-access driver failed  to attach to \fat' is displayed in Enterprise Console and in the Event Log on the affected computer  when using:

  • the 'Protect computers' wizard with 'Remove third-party software' selected in Enterprise Console, version 3.1 and above,
  • or the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control standalone installer with 'Remove third-party software' selected

to remove Symantec Client Security, version 10.1 394.0, on a computer running Windows 2000. The error message may also refer to other non-NTFS files systems such as CDFS.

Sophos product and version

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

Operating system
Windows 2000+

What to do

Reboot the affected computers to remove the Symantec driver.

Technical Information
This problem has only been seen on custom versions of Symantec Corporate Edition. The issue occurs because the Symantec driver is not completely removed on uninstall, causing it to conflict with the Sophos Anti-Virus driver.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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