Migrating from EM Library to Sophos Update Manager in Endpoint Security and Control version 9

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  • Updated: 11 Apr 2011

AttentionThe product/version referred to in this article is approaching retirement.
You can upgrade to the latest version free of charge (subject to terms and conditions) by visiting http://www.sophos.com/en-us/support/resource-centers/endpoint/upgrade-center.aspx. For a retirement schedule for all Sophos products, visit http://www.sophos.com/support/lifecycle/.

When you download and run the installation package for Endpoint Security and Control, the installer:

  • upgrades Enterprise Console to version 4
  • automatically migrates your EM Library settings to the Sophos Update Manager.

Note that EM Library is not removed from your system, you must do this manually following the upgrade.

When the installation has finished:

  • View the Updating Hierarchy report to ensure that all of your endpoints are using the new updating policies.
    To run this report, in the Update Managers view, go to Tools|View Reports|Updating Hierarchy and then run the report.
  • If you have an additional EM Library to migrate, please see section 8.5 of the Advanced Upgrade Guide for instructions on migrating additional libraries.
  • If you want to perform a scripted installation of an additional Update Manager, see How to install an additional Update Manager using a batch script.
  • If any of your settings could not be migrated, please see Section 8 of the Advanced Upgrade Guide for more information.

When you are ready to remove EM Library from your network, see How to remove EM Library after upgrading to Endpoint Security and Control 9.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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