Handling of unencrypted files with SafeGuard Removable Media

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  • Updated: 01 Jul 2009

SafeGuard Removable Media 2.0

Client OS

Windows XP SP2 Professional Edition

Server OS



How does SafeGuard RemovableMedia handle plain text files if "encrypt new files" is set as option?


When setting SafeGuard RemovableMedia to "encrypt all new files" every new created file will be encrypted using a predefined key.

In order to handle unencrypted files there are two scenarios:

Situation number one is to encrypt all existing files on the media at once. After this you will only have encrypted files on your media.

Situation number two is not to encrypt existing files. In this case all files will stay unencrypted as long as none of these files is opened to be
changed. In this case it depends on the application in use whether the new file will be encrypted after saving it.

Application type A
These applications write all changes directly to the file. During this process no new file is created. The result is that the file stays unencrypted.
A typical application is notepad.exe

Application type B
These applications write all changes within the file to a copy of the original file. As a result of this procedure a new file is created during the "save" operation. The result of this is an encrypted file.
A typical application type for this are Microsoft Office applications.

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