Storing confidential data encrypted on UDF formatted CD-RWs

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  • Updated: 13 Jan 2006

SafeGuard PrivateDisk 1.x

Client OS

Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP

This article describes, how to work with encrypted data on CD-RWs. In order to be able to write easily data on a CD-RW, a CD-burner and a program like Ahead InCD for UDF packet writing is needed.

When using SafeGuard PrivateDisk in combination with packet writing applications, confidential data can be stored easily on a UDF formatted CD-RW. This CD-RW containing a SafeGuard PrivateDisk volume can be put in the post, for instance. The receiver in the headquarter of the company can read the data on the CD-RW (with SafeGuard PrivateDisk installed on his machine) even if the packet writing software is not installed on his computer. Storing confidential data encrypted on UDF formatted CD-RWs.pdf

The are other UDF solutions on the market, e.g. DirectCD from Roxio or Orlogix's DLA.

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