Which devices are compatible with SG PrivateCrypto for Symbian?

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  • Updated: 28 Mar 2007

SafeGuard PrivateCrypto for Symbian

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Which devices are compatible with SG PrivateCrypto for Symbian?


SG PrivateCrypto for Symbian supports all Symbian 9 S60/3 devices, including Nokia, LG and Samsung

List of supported devices as of end of March 2007:

E-Series E90, E61i, E65, E60, E62, E50, E70, E61
N-Series N77, N76, N93i, N75, N95, N93, N73, N80, N92, N71, N91
Sonstige 6110 Navigator, 6290, 5500 Sport, 3250


Samsung SGH-i520

NOT Supported: Any Sony-Ericsson or Symbian 7 Device (because Sony-Ericsson are based on Symbian UIQ instead of Series 60 3rd edition)

Attempts to install on a non-supported device lead to the following errors:

  • If you try to install PrivateCrypto on Series80 (Symbian OS 7) devices:
from PC: "Vorgang fehlgschlagen" (the .sis file will simply not be copied to the phone)
on the phone: Error message: "No application installed for this file" (misleading, but installation was simply not executed by the OS)
  • If you try to install PrivateCrypto on a SonyEricsson UIQ3 (Symbian OS 9) device:
You will be warned two times: "This software might not be compatible with your device. Do you want to proceed anyway?"
If you ignore these warnings, the software will be installed, but cannot be started. PrivateCrypto can be de-installed via the normal procedures.
  • To install PrivateCrypto the current date of the phone must be between 20.03.2007 and 19.03.2017. Outside this date range, a certificate error from the Symbian Signed certificate will be displayed.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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