Boot from floppy after Pre-Boot Authentication ( PBA )

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  • Updated: 28 May 2009

Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption 4.60

Client OS

Windows 2000 Professional SP4, Windows XP SP3

Server OS



How can I boot from an external media after the I entered my username and Password in the Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA)?


The user that logs on to the PBA must have the rights to boot up from an external media. The user SYSTEM has always the right to boot from external media.

Example of use for an helpdesk account:
If a user forgets his password or the system will crash (in cause of a hardware defect), an helpdesk account - could be a simple user only with the right to boot from external media - can start the system with a bootable disk after the PBA. Now you can backup all important data without using the password for the system account.

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