SafeGuard Enterprise Standalone becomes SafeGuard Easy as of version 5.50

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  • Updated: 09 Sep 2011

What is the difference between SafeGuard Enterprise Standalone and SafeGuard Easy, as of version 5.50?

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SafeGuard Device Encryption

Operating systems
All supported operating systems

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SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption without central Management Server - the so-called “standalone mode” now becomes “SafeGuard Easy" as of version 5.50 and is meant to be the successor of the SafeGuard Easy 4.x series for those customers who prefer the standalone mode in contrast to the server managed variant.

Technically SafeGuard Easy, as of version 5.50, is simply the new product name for SafeGuard Enterprise standalone mode. It provides Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 64-bit support along with all other SafeGuard Enterprise benefits.

Smartcard / crypto token logon however requires the managed variant of SafeGuard Enterprise Device Encryption. It is planned to have these functions integrated into SafeGuard Easy as of version 5.60.

Migration from SafeGuard Easy 4.x is supported under the same conditions as previous SafeGuard Enterprise releases.

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