Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption (SDE): cannot boot from external media

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  • Updated: 01 Jun 2009

While attempting to recover data, you may need to use different bootable media in order to restore access to a computer's file systems. These media may be launched at different points of the computer's boot sequence: either the BIOS will load them based on its Primary Boot Device settings, or you can launch them manually by pressing F7 after entering your password.

When you encounter problems booting from an external medium, the reason the bootup fails varies according to the method of booting you are attempting.

Booting from the PBA

Pressing F7 after entering your password at the PBA does not work, so you cannot boot from external media. This could be because:

  • the user account used does not have the right to boot from external media. Either log in as usual (if possible) and change the user rights in the Administration console before trying to boot from external media again, or log in as a user who has the appropriate right.
  • the correct procedure for creating a boot CD may not have been followed, and the CD is therefore unreadable.
  • hard disk drive encryption or decryption has been started but is not finished yet. In this case, either allow the process to continue and then boot from the external medium, or, if you cannot get past this state, contact Sophos Technical Support for further guidance.
  • there are problems with the hardware you are trying to use. The CD drive may be not be working, for instance. 

Booting from the BIOS

The bootable medium is not accessed when you boot the computer. This could be because:

  • the Primary boot device order has not been changed in the BIOS, or an old BIOS version is used on the device. Try changing the primary boot order and booting again.
  • the computer's BIOS program does not allow the primary boot device to be changed to an external media. This may be because the BIOS is password-protected, in which case you must find the password and then continue to boot from external media.
  • the BIOS does not support USB. Try using a CD or floppy disk to boot instead.

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