Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption (SDE): restoring the PBA

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  • Updated: 28 May 2009

If the PBA is not displayed when you start up your computer, answer the following questions to troubleshoot the PBA.

  1. Did the BIOS start up?

    If the BIOS did not start up, check the hard disk connections inside the computer and try booting again. If this solves the problem, use the computer as usual. If this does not solve the problem, go to step 2.

    If the BIOS started up, and you see either of the following error messages, go to step 3: Restore the kernel backup using the emergency disk.

      • ‘missing operating system’ (the Master Boot Record is missing)

      • 'SGE error 401 – system halted’ (the system kernel is missing),

    If the BIOS started up, but there were no error messages, check which device is listed as the Primary boot device:

    • If the primary boot device order has been changed and the hard disk is no longer part of the boot sequence, change the boot sequence to begin with the hard disk and allow the computer to boot from the hard disk. If the PBA is now displayed, you should use your computer as usual.

    • If the primary boot device is set to the hard disk, change the Primary boot device to the CD drive and go to step 4: Using the Emergency CD to restore the internal kernel backup.

  2. If the BIOS is still not booting up, try moving the hard disk to another PC and start the computer.

    If you can now see the PBA, some other hardware component in the computer (not the hard disk) is causing a problem. In this case, your data is perfectly safe and you should either replace the faulty component, or use the hard disk in a new computer.

    If the computer that you moved the hard disk to does not display the PBA, the hard disk is faulty. Please see Sophos SDE: data recovery in the event of physical disk failure for more information.

  3. Using the emergency disk to restore the kernel backup.

    If you cannot display the PBA, use the emergency CD to restore the computer's most recent kernel backup. If you do not have a recent kernel backup or restoring from the kernel backup didn't work. Try restoring using the internal kernel backup.

    Please remember: you must use the kernel backup for a specific computer -- do not attempt to restore the kernel from a second computer onto an affected computer.

Go back to the SDE Recovery Guide if this is part of a larger problem with the operating system. If your only symptom was that the PBA was not displayed when you started up your computer, you can now use your computer as normal.

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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