How do I know which operating system my computer is running?

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  • Updated: 11 Mar 2015

As your computer starts up, it may display a logo stating which operating system it is running; however you may want to find out a precise version number.

This article helps you to identify which operating system is installed on your computer.

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What To Do

In the corner of the computer screen you may have one of the following icons, either the bottom-left or top-left corner.  Click on the icon that matches what you see on your computer.

Windows 8* Windows 7 or Vista Windows XP Windows (various) Mac OS X

*Blue screenshot shows the Windows 8 operating system if you move the mouse pointer into the bottom-left corner of the Windows 8 Desktop.  Click here for a screenshot of Windows 8 Start screen.  Yellow screenshot shows Windows 8.1 which added an icon to the bottom left corner of the Desktop.

What if none of the icons match what I see?

You may have an uncommon operating system or an operating system such as Linux.  Or you may have an operating system with a customized desktop.  First read through the instructions for Windows and then Mac and attempt to identify the steps which work with your computer.

If you are still having trouble you can:

  • Check your computer manual.
  • Request further help on our community forum SophosTalk.

Confirm the version of Windows

In all versions of Windows you can open detailed system information as follows:

  1. Open a run box.

  2. Type msinfo32 and click OK...

    Example opening a run box and typing MSINFO32 (click for larger view):

    Depending on the exact version of Windows you have you will see a window similar to the following:

  3. From this screen you can identify important items of information:

    1. Operating system name
    2. Service pack (if installed)
    3. System type.  A system type of 'x64-based PC' means you have a '64-bit' operating system. 'X86-based PC' means you have a '32-bit' operating system.


Confirm the version of Mac OS X

From the Mac menu bar select the Apple icon and then click on 'About This Mac'...

A new window will open which shows the exact version of Mac OS X that is installed...

In the example above the version of Mac OS X is 10.7.3


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