Sophos Update Manager (SUM) - release dates for forthcoming versions

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  • Updated: 22 Oct 2014

This article relates to our SUM software which is for on-premise installations and works in combination with Enterprise Console to manage the download and distribution of endpoint software packages from our warehouses. It lists the release version numbers of Sophos Update Manager (SUM) for the coming six month period.


Updates may be rolled out at any time during the month indicated, which means that you may not see the indicated versions on your system at the start of the month. 

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s)

Sophos Update Manager
Enterprise Console

Release dates for forthcoming versions of Sophos Update Manager 

Key to color coding:

Green  text in green indicates a confidence level of at least 90%


Subscription 2014
Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
Recommended 1.5.3 1.5.4 1.5.4 1.5.4 1.5.4

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