Unable to push out endpoint software with error 0000002e returned to console

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  • Updated: 09 Jun 2014


When attempting to deploy endpoint software from the Enterprise Console you see errors 0000002e.

Important: Firewall ports and file/printer sharing etc. has been correctly configured as per articles such as articles 29287 and the endpoint deployment guide.

First seen in

Enterprise Console 5.0.0


The IP address of the endpoint returned by a DHCP check from the management server returns a different address to that which the endpoint is currently using.

Because of this ping, telnet, dns flush, all produce a good results to the client.

What To Do

Delete the DHCP entry for the endpoint (forward lookup for the domain) on the server, force the DHCP server to flush the cache and stale records. Then invoke ipconfig/release and renew on the endpoint.

Once the IP addresses match attempt to re-protect the endpoint computer.

Note:  When troubleshooting this issue you may want to consider how DHCP is configured including such things as DHCP reservations (if set up previously).

If you need more information or guidance, then please contact technical support.

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