How to uninstall Sophos Cloud for Mac from the command line

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  • Updated: 06 Nov 2014

This article provides information on how to remove the Sophos Cloud client from the command line.

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Sophos Cloud Managed Endpoint 9.1.3 (Mac)

Operating systems

What To Do

It is possible to run the Sophos Cloud uninstaller via the command line using the following command (all one line):

sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Sophos/saas/ --remove 

If tamper protection is enabled on the endpoint, either follow article 119872 to disable tamper protection prior to un-installation or from the endpoint the following command (all one line) may be used if the tamper protection password is known:

sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Sophos/saas/ --remove --tamper_password <password>

Note: Replace <password> with the current tamper protection password as obtained from Sophos Cloud.

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